Unlocking the nuanced pleasures of absinthe involves more than just mixing—it’s an art form, a ritual, and a journey through its distinctive botanical notes. While this versatile spirit can elevate any cocktail, certain traditions spotlight its unique qualities.

The spirit of choice for artists, poets, and visionaries, absinthe has a storied history for its alleged mind-altering effects.  First created by a French doctor as a health remedy in 1792, this naturally green spirit is still enjoyed today and is easy to serve. As vampires, we have a soft spot for tradition and history, so we crafted our very own Vampire Spirits Absinthe Liquor to add to your collection.

Traditionally, absinthe is served diluted due to its high alcohol proof. To drink absinthe the  way, also known as the Parisian way, you will need absinthe, a cup, a sugar cube, a slotted spoon, and cold water. While a slotted spoon is preferred for this elegant ritual, you can also use a large fork in place of a slotted spoon.

First, pour a shot of our decadent absinthe into a glass and perch the slotted spoon on top. Next, take a sugar cube and place it directly in the middle of the slotted spoon. Complete your vampiric absinthe ritual by pouring cold water slowly over the ice cube so that it melts and diffuses in your absinthe glass. This historic process called louching results in a dreamy, cloudy elixir that beckons you into the green fairy’s wonderland with its mysterious beauty.

Our highly alcoholic Vampire Spirits Absinthe Liquor can also be added to your favorite cocktails for a potent but pleasurable concoction. Our complex absinthe liqueur features an intricate blend of anise, fennel, and other lush botanicals that will delight your palette no matter how you choose to enjoy it. Absinthe is a surprisingly versatile and sophisticated addition to any liquor cabinet and has won favor with many top mixologists in recent years. One of the most classic absinthe cocktails is the Sazerac cocktail which holds the desirable title of being the official drink of New Orleans. Invented in the mid-1800s, this absinthe cocktail is considered one of the oldest known cocktails in existence.

Perhaps you don’t live the elegant and languid lifestyle of a castle-lurking vampire. If that’s the case, we also offer Vampire Spirits Absinthe Ready-to-Drink Cocktail cans. These delicious, canned cocktails are perfect to for instant enjoyment or to bring to gatherings with your fellow vampires.

Enjoy the Taste of Immortality with our daring Vampire Absinthe offerings!

Author: Rachel O’Donnell